The Future is now!

Which technological trends and visions are going to disrupt our society within the next 5 to 10 years?
Which cultural and economical problems are coming up and how can technological innovations help to deal with them?

Our world is changing – faster than ever before. We have to find solutions for problems that never existed before. We have to be innovative, have to disrupt our very own mindsets for being able to think like no one ever has.

Three days full of inspiring talks, networking and master-class-sessions.

The time for well-worn paths is over, the time for brave, groundbreaking and pioneering ideas is now. Hesitation was yesterday, acting is today. If no one is leading, all get left behind.

Join us in developing a community of crazy ones that dare to think of how we can change the world!


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48forward is organizing Events about innovation and future topics. Different event formats let attendees discover the newest trends and visions, technologies and changes that will affect our society within the next five to ten years.

Leaders.48fwrd is part of 48forward and thereby one of four innovative event formats.

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